Easy MEP estimating and takeoff on the web

Leveraging the power of graphical takeoff, material pricing and labour, Estimation MEP - Base is an easy-to-use cloud estimating and takeoff software for estimating small MEP projects.

"Estimation MEP is an excellent tool for any type of MEP contractor beginning to do their own estimates in house. Even someone with minimal software experience can get into Estimation MEP - Base and know what they’re doing in a matter of a few days.”

“Estimation MEP is exactly the estimating software we needed to get our takeoffs done quickly and accurately without having to make a lot of changes in the program.”

- Steve Richardson, Estimator, Maccarone Plumbing, Inc.

Stop Guesstimating, Start Estimating

Your focus is on doing a quality install job, but the accuracy of your estimate can make or break your business. Manual spreadsheet estimates are time consuming, error prone and often lack detail.

Now you can build estimates you can rely on using Estimation MEP.

Estimating isn’t your only responsibility

As the estimator, you’re wearing many hats. Time is of the essence and you need to get accurate bids out as quickly as they come in.

You find yourself limited by time

With so much pressure on fast turnaround for projects, it's hard to make time to learn how to use complicated estimating software geared toward larger projects or to teach office administration staff how to help you estimate.

Manual methods of estimating are costing you

Manual takeoff is inefficient and difficult to maintain as your business grows. And even a small margin of error can lead to unforeseen expenses and delays, not to mention the costs for printing and storing these paper plans.

Estimating small MEP projects has never been easier

Leveraging the power of graphical takeoff, material pricing and labour, Estimation MEP is an easy-to-use cloud estimating software that helps you build accurate estimates faster.

Say goodbye to hours of manual estimating work.

Electronically measure, count, and mark up PDF drawings directly in Estimation MEP. It automatically lists your takeoffs onto a takeoff sheet saving you hours of work.

With the included Trimble managed catalogue of over 1 million items and industry standard labour, producing an accurate estimate is a breeze.

Works the way you do.

No training required.

Estimation MEP imitates traditional paper takeoff sheets and workflows so you can work in an environment you are familiar with.

It’s also easy enough to use that even inexperienced members of your team can start building a bid in a matter of minutes.

Access it wherever you are for true collaboration.

Access your drawings and estimates wherever you have an Internet connection - whether that's in the office, on a job site, or with a hotspot in your truck.

With shared access, office administrators can help setup and finish the estimate -- the estimator needs only to worry about filling in the trade-specific detail.

Easy to Collaborate

Plus, your subscription includes access to Trimble Connect® - an open platform collaboration tool. Share project details and files with your stakeholders to get everyone on the same page and keep moving projects forward.

Just the right feature set for simple estimating

No training required

So easy to use, there's no need to take hours of software training.

Graphical takeoff

Electronically measure, count, and mark up PDF drawings, automatically filling in the takeoff sheet.

Trimble-managed catalog

Access to over 1 million items from various manufacturers, most items include pricing from Trade Service.

Labor and labor factoring

Use MCAA, NECA or Trimble’s included industry-standard set of labor units to create a detailed labor estimate.

Cloud hosted

Access your drawings and estimates wherever you have an Internet connection.

Estimation MEP-Base is part of Trimble's Project MEP, a complete construction management solution designed for MEP contractors.

Looking for estimating best practices?

Download this free e-book to learn the five ways to overcome the most common estimation workflow inefficiencies that you don’t realize are holding you back.