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What if you could create basic estimates, without going through complicated software?

Specifically designed to create basic estimates for small piping and plumbing projects,

TruEst offers you just the right features to put an accurate estimate together, fast.

Free 30 day trial, no credit card required

Only 25% of MEP estimates are actually won.

How much time do you spend on the other 75%?

25% - that's the average number of estimates won by MEP contractors. However, creating estimates for the other 75% is costing you a lot of time. How much is that costing you every month?

Free 30 day trial, no credit card required

Takeoff in excel is hard to maintain and will be out-of-date the minute your project starts off


Excel is not made for MEP estimates


Spreadsheets live on different computers


No easy way of updating pricing data

Creating estimates with traditional software is time consuming and hard to explain to team members


Time consuming process for small projects


Software difficult to learn


Still need to manually import pricing data

There's a better way to do it.

Leveraging the power of graphical takeoff, material pricing and labor, TruEst helps you build accurate estimates faster.


Upload your drawing and setup your systems

Just got a new job in? Simply upload it and select your preferred systems to start takeoff.


Perform takeoff

With TruEst, you can electronically measure, count, and mark up PDF drawings directly in the software and it will automatically list your takeoffs onto a takeoff sheet.

Systems and Material Configurations

Access to commonly used system and material configurations makes it fast and easy to find items during takeoff.


Consolidate and group your Bill of Materials

Automated takeoff sheet consolidation

TruEst automatically consolidates the items from multiple takeoff sheets. Export into Excel for easy vendor quotes.

Bill of materials

See your entire list of material in your estimate in one view and group the data by system, manufacturer or floor.


Manage labor, labor factoring and material costs

Using the included TradeService managed catalog of items and industry standard labor, TruEst will help you to produce an accurate material and labor quantity estimate that can also be used for getting quotes and ordering materials from your suppliers.

Labor and Labor Factoring

Create a detailed labor estimate with MCAA or the included Trimble industry standard labor. Take it another step by adding a global factor or factor by system or drawing.

This is how easy you can

start using TruEst

Access to Trimble-managed catalog of 1M+ items

Up-to-date and accurate Trade Service pricing

All your projects available from anywhere

No training required

Just the right feature set for simple estimating

No training required

So easy to use, there's no need to take hours of software training.

Graphical takeoff

Electronically measure, count, and mark up PDF drawings, automatically filling in the takeoff sheet.

Trimble-managed catalog

Access to over 1 million items from various manufacturers, most items include pricing from Trade Service.

Labor and labor factoring

Use MCAA or Trimble’s included industry-standard set of labor units to create a detailed labor estimate.

Cloud hosted

Access your drawings and estimates wherever you have an Internet connection.

Risk-free trial

Try TruEst free for 30 days.

No credit card required.

Ready to boost your estimating workflow?

Start your free 30-day trial and find out how you can create estimates from takeoff in no time, so you can build better projects, on time and in budget.

Free 30 day trial, no credit card required