Just the right feature set for estimating small plumbing and piping projects

Estimation MEP - Base is the easiest cloud-based plumbing estimating software

Designed for the workflows of piping and plumbing contractors, Estimation MEP provides an easy-to-use solution for building accurate estimates - no more guesstimating required. Leverage the combination of mechanical estimating software, graphical takeoff, a managed catalogue of over 1 million plumbing items, and industry-standard labour all in one cloud plumbing estimating and takeoff solution to build your most accurate bid yet -- all without sitting through a training class.

Better Organization and Collaboration

Everything in one place

Better organize estimates and supporting files through the Projects feature. This feature offers everything you need for your bid, in one place.

Easy to Collaborate

Collaborate effortlessly with access to Trimble Connect®. With a subscription to Estimation MEP, you will receive access to Trimble Connect - an open collaboration tool. Share project details and files with desired team members and stakeholders without a need for an Estimation MEP license. Now you can all be on the same page and keep moving projects forward!

Content You Can Rely On

Trimble-managed catalogue of 1M+ items

Ensure you’re using current and purchasable items in your plumbing estimate with the included Trimble-managed catalogue of over one million plumbing and piping items.

Up-to-date and accurate pricing

Through our industry-leading Trade Service solution, we've established connections with thousands of distributors and manufacturers to manage millions of piping and plumbing-specific items - ensuring you get the most up-to-date and accurate prices for your estimates.

Included Materials and Labor

Systems and Material Configurations

Access to commonly used system and material configurations makes it fast and easy to find items during takeoff.

Labor and Labor Factoring

Create a detailed labor estimate with MCAA or the included Trimble industry standard labor. Take it step further by adding a global factor or factor by system or drawing.

Easy Graphical Takeoff

Electronically perform takeoff

Electronically measure, count, and mark up PDF drawings directly in the software.

Automated takeoff sheet consolidation

Estimation MEP automatically consolidates the items from multiple takeoff sheets. Export into Excel for easy vendor quotes.

Bill of materials

See your entire list of material in your estimate in one view and group the data by system, manufacturer or floor.

Cloud-hosted for Accessibility

Accessible from anywhere

Access your estimates from any type of laptop or computer whenever and wherever you need.

Multi-user capabilities

Collaborate in real-time utilising one set of drawings.

No storage limit

There’s no limit to how many estimates or drawings you can store.

Estimation MEP-Base is part of Trimble's Project MEP, a complete construction management solution designed for MEP contractors.